CAMERON: Scholarship Success Story

During the Summer Intensives in July, we had the opportunity to catch-up with 2018 Two River scholarship recipient Cameron Lexa.

TRT: How did you first find out about Two River Theater?

CL: From a teacher at school, Howell High School, there was a flyer for A Little Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors.

TRT: Why were you interested in getting involved with Two River Theater? Were you in the theater program at Howell High School?

CL: I did some stage crew in middle school but not at high school.  I thought I wanted to be a graphic designer; my mom is a graphic designer.  I went to work with her and hated it. (laughing)  Then I thought I wanted to design sets but I hated that too. (laughing)

TRT: Wait, how did you know that you hated set design?

CL: At the National Student Leadership Conference on Theater. I got to meet a lot of Broadway theater professionals including Broadway stage managers.  That’s what made me interested in being a stage manager.

TRT:  What did you for A Little Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors?

CL: I was an Assistant Stage Manager.  I did prop tracking and took turns bringing props on and off the stage.

TRT: And then you were the Assistant Stage Manager for the Summer Intensives and A Little Shakespeare: Macbeth?

CL: Yeah.  I got a scholarship for the Summer Intensives so I could be here for all three weeks.  And it was an amazing experience.  Kate (Cordaro, Director of Education) and Devin (Fletcher, Director for the Summer Intensives Onstage Track) are amazing.  I worked for Devin and had my first experience calling a whole show.  That’s what I wrote my college essay about and talked about in my interview.

TRT: Where are you going to college in the fall?

CL: University of Southern California, School of Dramatic Arts for a BFA in Stage Management.

TRT: And you got a scholarship?

CL: (huge smile) Yeah, I got a scholarship.

TRT: How did you get back to Two River this summer? You graduated from Howell High School in June.

CL: Kate emailed me to see if I wanted a paid job as the Stage Manager for a Summer Intensives performance.  I had to check with my summer job and arrange things with my manager so I could do it.

TRT: Is there anything you want to tell or share with our donors who support our scholarship program?

CL: (long pause) I feel like I have to say something really good! (laughing) Hmm, just that this experience is what I talked about in my college interviews and how great Kate and Devin are.

TRT: You think your experience here helped you get into college?

CL: Yes, absolutely.

We are all so proud of Cameron and wish him the greatest success at USC this fall!