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Meet the Junior Staff

Junior Artist Support Staff

Kamilah Bush, Niew Bharyaguntra, Alison Campbell, Devin Christor and Jackie Romero. Photo by Yurik L. Lozano


Niew Bharyaguntra is a Towson University Theatre Design and Production graduate. As a Production Assistant, Niew will be working alongside the Stage Management team. When not at work, she likes to play the ukulele, go to the beach, and paddle board!

Kamilah Bush is a UNC Greensboro Theatre Education graduate. As Artistic Assistant, she will be assisting directing and aiding any way she can in the Artistic department!  Kamilah is a serious reality TV binge watcher but as the weather turns cool, she is ready to get outdoors for apple picking.

Alison Campbell is an Ohio Northern University Musical Theater graduate. As Company Management Assistant, Alison functions as the main point of contact for guest artists when they’re in town. This is Alison’s first visit to New Jersey! She is excited to get to know the Garden State and explore new restaurants.

Devin Christor is a University of North Texas Theater graduate. As Production Assistant, Devin will assist the Production team to insure the smooth execution of the performances.  When not attending meetings or rehearsals, Devin enjoys playing rugby and going to the gym. Devin is thrilled to work on Lackawanna Blues with Ruben Santiago-Hudson this season.

Jackie Romeo is an Ithaca College Theater Studies graduate. As Production Management Assistant, Jackie assists with the day-to-day operations of the Production Office, including tracking production expenses and coordinating rentals. Jackie is a Jersey native and is excited to share her home state and love of paint-by-numbers with the other assistants!


Jennah H. Cruz, Mich Davis, Laura Nuneviller, Cassie Mazza and Abigail Lynn Smith. Photo by Yurik L. Lozano


Jennah H. Cruz is a 2019 Florida State University Theatre Costuming graduate. As the Costume Assistant, Jennah will be assisting the costume shop manager, draper and wardrobe supervisor by stitching garments, shopping, organizing files, and costumes and running wardrobe for shows. Jennah is excited to get to know Red Bank this season and try out different local restaurants!  When not in the costume shop, Jennah likes to read, play video games, listen to music and sleep.

Mich Davis is a 2017 University of Northern Iowa, Theatre Design and Production graduate. As the Props Assistant, Mich will be aiding the Props Supervisor and the Assistant Props supervisor with the current projects around the shop along with being a prop runner during shows. You can spot Mich’s handy work on the set for Love in Hate Nation, they helped build the seven metal beds for the National Reformatory for Girls set. Mich is a Midwesterner and is really excited about being so close to the ocean and spending time at the beach this season.

Cassie Mazza is a 2019 Ursinus College neuroscience graduate. As a Lighting and Sound Assistant, Cassie will be preparing lighting and sound needs for shows and events, and running the lights or sound during performances. Cassie is looking forward to attending local events this season and finding the best places to eat in town! Cassie is a baker and a runner but enjoys relaxing and watch Hulu/Netflix with her housemates in her downtime.

Laura Nuneviller is a 2018 Roanoke College Theater Arts Scenic Design graduate. As the Shop Assistant, Laura’s main responsibility is to help build the sets. She built and covered most of the scrim walls—fabric used to create the illusion of solid walls—for Love in Hate Nation. Laura is so pleased to be located in Red Bank, she has friends and family who live in New Jersey and she is excited to visit with them! When not at the theater or visiting family, Laura indulges in watching movies and her favorite television shows.

Abigail Lynn Smith is 2018 University of Kansas Theater Design and Performance graduate. As a Lighting and Sound Assistant, Abigail Lynn helps load-in, maintain, run, and strike the lighting and sound for shows and events. This is Abigail Lynn’s second season with Two River. Her favorite things to do in the area are driving down backroads when the leaves are changing and going to Asbury when it warms up. When her busy work schedule allows time for a break, she likes to decompress with a podcast or Netflix.