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ED&I Work Updates

Public input or questions on Two River’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) work are welcome via email at

Summer 2021

This is an evolving, living account of our ongoing work to manifest the commitment to our mission and values. In 2020, Two River Theater’s EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee deepened and broadened its commitment to becoming an anti-racist and anti-oppressive organization. This came about with renewed purpose and urgency in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and the formation of We See You White American Theater. The Committee meets monthly and holds monthly full staff meetings focusing on the theater’s EDI work. Staff participated in a workshop “Virtual Dismantling Racism Learning Lab” with Equity Quotient. 

In 2021, Two River Theater created a system to engage the entire staff in EDI work through a series of task forces and affinity groups. At every level, groups have been set up to mitigate hierarchical structures of power within the theater and allow for the elevation of all voices across all departments. Participation is mandatory.

We have split the larger EDI Committee into three Branches, made up of various Task Forces; we list them and their respective goals below. We are working to complete the short and long-term goals outlined here by the end of the 2021/22 season.

Representation Branch: To foster an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace at Two River Theater through collecting and developing materials and data to deepen the theater’s continued EDI work; performing audits of Two River’s current staff, artist, and programming demographics; expanding TRT’s hiring resources; and determining and implementing full staff engagement with this collected material.

We See You White American Theater Audit Task Force: a group is auditing and assessing the List of Demands, ascertaining what TRT has already done, what has been started but not completed, and what hasn’t even been attempted. We will create an action plan for further implementation steps.

Resource Task Force: Collect articles, resources, documentaries, art, etc. pertaining to EDI work and formulate strategies for sharing and discussing resources with staff.

Workplace Practices Branch: The workplace practices branch focuses on identifying, assessing, executing and reinforcing institution-wide practices and policies, designed to create and maintain a professional and welcoming workplace centered in values of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Ongoing Training and Facilitators Task Force: Creating resources, recommendations, and strategies for continuous cultural competency training.

Vendors and Local Business Task Force: create systems and methods to source vendors who share our values and support BIPOC-owned business, especially in our community.

Company Connection Task Force: Creating opportunities for the staff to connect on different levels to grow our community and trust.

Communications Branch: To create new communication practices that streamline and prioritize inclusivity and intersectionality for the full Two River staff (full-time, part-time, volunteers), artists and public. Guided by these practices, this committee will generate resources that will include but not be limited to: institutional language, visual materials and messaging campaigns that will be easily accessible by all.

Website Task Force: audit of current website content and images, maintenance of password-protected staff portal for resources and materials, and creation of a public-facing EDI webpage.

Social Media Task Force: audit of current social media content and images, and review of EDI-specific posting content and review process.

Core Language Task Force: assist TRT leadership in creation of a Social Justice Statement, and create a centralized document or other system for core language and up to date messaging for EDI efforts.