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Create a show, rehearse it all week and perform it onstage that Friday! For onstage, backstage and anyone who wants to give theater a try.

This inside look at the theater-making process is perfect for future theater professionals, as well as anyone who wants to give theater a try in an exciting judgement-free environment and have some fun!

The Intensive programs offer students in grades 7–12 a chance to create an entirely original show in just a week, as part of the Onstage Track for actors, singers and dancers or with the Backstage Track for designers, stage crew and technicians. Led by a team of professionals and guests artists, each show is created by the students and shaped by the directors around a theme for the week.

For more info on Intensives, call 732.345.1400 or email Amanda Espinoza at



APR 13 – APR 17 / 2020 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM | FOR GRADES 9–12 | $375

Students will create a performance, based on a theme, and share it with family and friends on Friday afternoon in one of our new studios. They will spend the week working with professional teaching artists—singing, dancing, playing theater games, creating, devising, exploring—the sky’s the limit. Some need-based scholarships available. Contact for more information.





Onstage Track For actors, singers, dancers and writers who want to perform. Backstage Track For designers, artists, stage crew, aspiring directors and technicians to work behind the scenes. Take the Track in which you feel most comfortable, or learn an entirely new set of skills by trying a different Track.  Or sign up for multiple weeks and try everything!



The opportunity for the students to work together in creating a production of their own work was beyond impressive and well done. The creative, collaborative and supportive environment really was like nothing my daughter has ever been involved in. She loved every minute of every day!

Wonderful staff. The camp is brilliantly organized so that the kids can take ownership of the entire creative process from writing the script, to performing it at the end of the week!

There is something about Two River that makes the program so inviting and enjoyable compared to others. It allows you to step outside you comfort zone and make new friends along the way.

It’s a great way to learn about the theater on an actual stage with actual professionals.

The most supportive staff and students anywhere! The children are all happy experimenting with different ways of creating art. Very nice group of students sign-up, so you can take risks.

The overall quality of the staff and the opportunity to create a production from start to finish in one week.

It is truly a safe space and goes above and beyond a typical theatre camp experience by creating memories and bonds that last forever.

Everyone is accepted for who they are. All kids are always hanging out together rather than cliques like at school.

We don’t have enough superlatives to express the extent of how wonderful the entire experience was.

The people involved are the GAME CHANGER! Amazing people!!!


Director of Education Kate Cordaro talks about Summer Intensives

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