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Play Date Form

Fill out at least 72 hours before the Play Date to reserve your spot.

Play Date Child Info - Two River Theater 2023/24 Season

Intake Form for parents/guardians who are signing up their child for a Play Date in Two River Theater's 2023/24 Season. Play Dates are staffed by accredited caregivers from Monmouth Day Care Center.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Child's Name(Required)
Parent / Guardian's Name(Required)
In case of a true emergency during the Play Date, Caregivers will send a text to this number and Parent / Guardian will leave the performance to attend to their child.
Which Play Date performance have you booked? (Check all that apply)
Play Dates can accommodate children aged 2 months and up. Many of the following questions are geared towards younger children, but older children are welcome too. Age-appropriate activities will be planned for all.
Please list 2nd language if applicable.
If so, please give us examples of words that may come up during the Play Date.
Does your child use:
Please provide all feeding needs during Play Date.
Which word(s) most accurately describe your child? Choose all that apply.(Required)