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We're thrilled to announce our 2023/24 30th Anniversary Season! CHECK IT OUT


Tickets: $40 | Adults and High School Juniors/Seniors

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Michael Cumpsty has spent much of his career in the theater working on Shakespeare’s plays as an actor, teacher and director. An Obie Award winner for his performance as Hamlet at Classic Stage Company, he received raves for his Malvolio at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. Insightful, patient, and immensely gifted in taking young people and lifelong learners through the creative process, Michael has a remarkable facility with language that he will share with participants as he leads them through scenes from Twelfth Night, which many consider Shakespeare’s most perfect comedy.


Learn from Michael Cumpsty

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Do I need prior acting experience to take this class?


Do I need to be familiar with Twelfth Night

All levels of familiarity with the play are welcome, from those who have never read or seen the play to those who have already performed in it, perhaps many times! No level of prior expertise is required.

Is this class participatory?

Yes, but if you do not wish to participate you are not required to do so.

How should I prepare for this class?

Read the play, watch a movie adaptation, or just show up with an eagerness to jump into the text and enthusiasm to explore the work! No specific preparation is required.

What’s the basic format of the class?

The class will read and discuss scenes together, and focus on the actor’s process while working on a scene. You’ll talk about choices might be made to build a character in the context of the scenes read.

Dates and tickets

This event has passed