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Shakespeare Series Week 2: Romeo and Juliet with the Two River Players Act II

Tickets: FREE

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Join the Two River Players for Shakespeare’s most famous tragic romance, Romeo and Juliet. The play will be explored act by act over the course of five community readings by members of Two River’s staff, followed by a group discussion and Q&A. Special guest Sara Holdren will read for Juliet (Director of Twelfth Night, A Little Shakespeare: Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors).


  1. Romeo (Taylor Barfield)
  2. Juliet, Samson (Sara Holdren)
  3. Prince, Servingman 1, Capulet’s Servant, Citizens (Dan Montano)
  4. Mercutio, Prologue (Duane Noch)
  5. Benvolio (Christian Dilks)
  6. Nurse, Gregory (Kate Cordaro)
  7. Tybalt (Amanda Espinoza)
  8. Paris, Abraham (Yurik L. Lozano)
  9. Capulet (Abbey Lynn)
  10. Lady Capulet (Denyse Reed)
  11. Montague, Serving Man 2 (Mich Davis)
  12. Lady Montague, Servingman 3 (Kam Bush)
  13. Stage Directions, Head Servingman (John Dias)

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This event has passed