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Valuing Black Life through Re-Thinking Pedagogy

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Currently, our academic structure is based on standardized testing and meeting “core” standards. Yet, do we ask ourselves if the core or standards reiterate the ideas and culture of supremacy and dominance? For example, tests that must be taken in order to complete K-12, undergraduate education and graduate entrance exams often focus on European and White American history and culture. Consequently, history and culture outside of the dominate narrative are categorized as multi-ethnic, postcolonial, or global – which bars this material from being threaded into the curriculum and made a necessary area of competence. For this workshop, Dr. Anwar D. Uhuru and participants will examine how teachers and administrators may be complicit in re-enforcing ideologies that retain a standard/non-standard culture in their classrooms, and how to facilitate long overdue and necessary change.

Dr. Anwar Uhuru is an Assistant Professor of African American Literature at Monmouth University, focusing on Afro-Diaspora Literature and Culture, African American Intellectual History, Critical Race Theory, Gender and Sexuality Theory, and Indigenous Religions.


This workshop is one of a four-part professional development series entitled The ART of Social Justice, and is offered as a collaboration between Red Bank’s T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center and Two River Theater, in compliance with the New Jersey Amistad Commission.

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