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Join us this April for a series of live digital events, at-home theater exercises, resources and more created by Two River teaching artists.

Please consider making a gift of $25 which enables us to provide free events and resources for Autism Acceptance Month, to all, at no cost. Your gift, of any amount, will be appreciated!




Theater Exercises

Listen: The Hello Song

Last season, Two River Theater teaching artists conducted Spectrum Theater Residencies with four local organizations for students with Autism. The classes inspired Amanda Latham, Music Teacher/Therapist at The Harbor School, to compose this “Hello” song, which everyone sang at the start of each class in their residency!


Pantomime Pass

Explore your senses with Teaching Artist Maria Paduano, by channeling the actor’s process of using their props to tell a story! Warm up with a touch exploration of a room and everything in it, discovering it through a sense of touch. Then partner up for a passing game using your imagination.

Pantomime Pass Resources

Let's Take a Walk

Play a magical exploration game with Teaching Artist Amanda Butterbaugh, taking a walk through all sorts of incredible places without leaving your room. Can be played at any age, and with any number of friends. All you need is your imagination!

Let’s Take a Walk Resources

At Home Craft: Rainstick

Inspired by the “Let’s Take a Walk” theater exercise, Special Events Manager Katie Benson shows you how to create a rainstick to take along with you on a nice Spring walk.

Feeling Photos

Expand your actor’s toolkit through feelings, body language, and facial expressions with Teaching Artist Maria Paduano, and enjoy a little facial massage while you’re at it!


Characters with Hats

Play this character development game with Teaching Artist Amanda Butterbaugh, using hats to bring all sorts of characters to life.

characters with hats resources

Art is for Everyone!

For more on Two River Theater’s commitment to accessiblity all season (and all year) long, visit our additional  Accessibility SERVICES