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ASBURY PARK PRESS: 'Love in Hate Nation' album release

by Ilana Keller

The original cast recording of Joe Iconis’ “Love in Hate Nation,” which premiered at Two River Theater in 2019, will be released on Feb. 11, according to Ghostlight Records and the Red Bank theater.

“In terms of passion projects, they don’t get more passionate than ‘Love in Hate Nation,’” said Iconis (“Be More Chill”) of the “1960s-set love story about two women caught between eras of a changing America.”

Amina Faye as Susannah Son (center) with members of the company of Two River Theater’s world premiere of "Love in Hate Nation" by Joe Iconis.

“I’m beyond proud of this badly-behaved original musical and I couldn’t be more ecstatic or grateful that Ghostlight and Two River Theater have given us the opportunity to record it,” Iconis said.

“I think our chorus line of eight … diverse, powerhouse women is representative not only of the world we currently live in, but the world we should aspire to live in, and I can’t wait for them to be singing their bloody hearts out over speakers far and wide,” he added.

The album will be released in digital and streaming formats and have two bonus “B-Side” tracks: the song “Jezebel” and a new recording of the album cut “Masochist” by The Smith Twins.

From left: Sydney Farley (Ya-Ya), Jasmine Forsberg (Rat), Emerson Mae Smith (Kitty), Lena Skeele (Dorothy), Tatiana Wechsler (Judith) and Amina Faye (Susannah Son) in Two River Theater’s world premiere of "Love in Hate Nation" by Joe Iconis.

The cast of “Love in Hate Nation” includes Sydney Farley, Amina Faye, Jasmine Forsberg, Lauren Marcus, Kelly McIntyre, Lena Skeele, Emerson Mae Smith, Ryan Vona and Tatiana Wechsler.

You can preorder the album at