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CALL ME ADAM: Call Answered, Amina Faye. Joe Iconis' Love in Hate Nation at Two River Theater

by Call Me Adam

In 2015, I got to interview Tony Nominee Joe Iconis when Be More Chill was premiering at Two River Theater. Now, his newest show, Love In Hate Nation, is making it’s world premiere at Two River Theater. I got to speak with one of the leads, Amina Faye, a senior at Penn State, about starring in this rebellious and romantic new musical.

Love In Hate Nation will play at Two River Theater (21 Bridge Road, Red Bank NJ) through December 1. Click here for tickets!

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1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? I grew up always singing and my mom recognized this and pushed me to do talent shows and competitions but it wasn’t until high school that I really dived into musical theater. So in short I owe it to my mommy!

2. This fall you are starring in Joe Iconis’ new musical Love In Hate Nation at Two River Theater. What made you want to audition for this show? I was fortunate enough to play “Susannah” at Penn State my sophomore year where the show was commissioned, so when I heard the show was being further developed at Two River Theater I knew I had to do whatever I could to continue with this project!

3. What do you relate to most about your character “Susannah Son”? I think that “Susannah” is really quirky and I think that I try to always come off as chill and relax. I feel like only my family and close friends know my quirky side. So “Sussanah” has pushed me to embrace my quirks!

4. What is one characteristic of hers you are glad you yourself do not possess? I think that there’s such a beautiful arch to “Susannah’s” story and all the characteristics that she hates about herself she learns to love and embrace. So, no, there is not a trait of hers I’m glad I do not possess myself.

5. Do you have any fun rehearsal stories? We got to go trick or treating on Halloween around the theater. That was pretty cool.

6. The show is about two girls who meet in juvie hall in the 1960s and have to break out of the boxes society has created around them. What boxes do you feel you or society has put you in that you want to break out of? As an African American women in musical theatre I feel like there are so many boxes that people put me in. This show breaks all those boxes and lets me create my own box. I get to sound like me and talk like me and be funny, vulnerable, strong and I get to fall in love. These characters are human in every sense and it’s so refreshing.

7. With the show being set in the 1960s, how do you feel it’s message rings true in today’s world? I think that we are still in some ways facing the same problems that women and society faced in the 1960’s. The problems have just taken different forms.

8. What is it like as a senior in college, to be in a musical, written by such an iconic writer, as compared to when you were starting school as a freshman? I think that I’m now prepared to take on such a beast of a role and that I’m grateful that I was able to work with Joe Iconis at Penn State and now at Two River Theater!

9. Since the show is called Love In Hate Nation, how do you think we can love each other a bit more in today’s divided world? I think empathy could solve a lot of problems in the world. If we all took the time to be empathetic and try to understand one another, we would all be better off as a society.

10. What would you like people to know about you that they don’t? I LOVE bubble tea!

More on Amina:

Amina Faye is so excited to be working at Two River Theater for the first time! Amina would like to thank John and Joe for letting her be part of this EPIC story. She would also like to thank her family and her best friends Daniel and Nick for their endless love and unconditional support. Amina will be graduating from Penn State University in the spring!