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Gem of the Ocean

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August Wilson continues to be one of the giants of American theater. His body of work is comprised primarily of a ten-play series called the American Century Cycle, which includes one play for each decade of the 20th century focusing on the lives of African Americans. In March, Two River Theater will bring Wilson’s 1990s play, Radio Golf, to life under the direction of Brandon J. Dirden. Taking place in 1997, Radio Golf focuses on the fate of Aunt Ester’s ancestral home at 1839 Wylie Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

Join members of the TRT, T. Thomas Fortune, and Red Bank Library book clubs as we discuss Wilson’s play Gem of the Ocean. Taking place in 1904, Gem of the Ocean follows Aunt Ester as she guides the first generations of African Americans tasked with defining themselves outside the horrors of slavery. In this book club, we will discuss cultural memory, community, ritual, and legacy.

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This event has passed