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Two River Theater celebrates the Bard’s birth month with the Shakespeare Sundays series, featuring directors, dramaturgs, and actors sharing their love of William Shakespeare.

How to access Zoom:

  • One hour prior to class time, you will be emailed a Zoom link from Two River Theater.
  • To access the Zoom meeting, please follow the prompts from the link. You will be asked to download the FREE mobile or desktop app before joining.


Text and Performance with Michael Cumpsty

Building on John Dias’s first “Shakespeare Sunday” which introduced the idea of rhetoric as a fundamental aspect to Shakespeare’s writing, actor Michael Cumpsty will discuss and demonstrate how the language overlaps the characters’ innate process of emotionally and intellectually pursuing what they want and dealing with the obstacles that arise. Michael Cumpsty has spent much of his career in the theater working on Shakespeare’s plays as an actor, teacher and director. An Obie Award winner for his performance as Hamlet at Classic Stage Company, he received raves for his Malvolio in Twelfth Night at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.

Selections from Hamlet to be discussed at this event


What will be covered at this workshop?

An actor’s process of analyzing Shakespeare’s text to activate a character.

How will the workshop be structured/shaped?

Michael will demonstrate, using examples from Hamlet and a couple of other plays. He will then open to discussion and questions from the audience.

Who should take this workshop?

Anyone who loves Shakespeare and believes that an actor’s engagement with the language is the best way to illuminate the plays.

What is needed to prepare for this workshop? Do you need to be a professional actor, or familiar with Shakespeare?

No, you don’t need to prepare or be an actor, but you might want to brush up your knowledge of Hamlet.

Is participation required?

No. But, Michael is enlivened by the perspectives and insights of an engaged audience, so feel free to ask questions and comment.

What will participants hopefully take away from this workshop?

To begin to understand an actor’s process of using the tools of the language to find the intuitive, active engine of a character.

Dates and tickets

This event has passed